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iPhone 11 incell COF LCD Display Assembly With Touch

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  • In-cell technology refers to a standard of displays that emerged in 2012 and allow mobile devices, such as smartphones, to have thinner form factors. … In-cell displays are revolutionary in the sense that they combine a digitizer, use touch input, and integrate an LCD screen into a single-layer display.
  • Introducing the Highest Aftermarket Plus Quality, INCELL  Assembly for iPhone XS
  • Our INCELL Screens comes with the latest IC Chips, condensed in a fourth of the size, with the same capabilities as the ones currently found on the OEM screen!
  • INCELL screens have a smoother oleophobic coating, much better finish, and a 12% increase in friction over its predecessor. This will guarantee that the coating will last over 90 days on usage
  • MP+ Technology will give you an exceptionally close experience to an OEM screen to refresh the pixels as fast as OEMs.
  • MP+ is the first to introduce a new backlight structure where all the pressure from the backlight will now be applied to the frame.
  • We had added the 2-layer backlight seals to trap as much light within the backlight enclosure and channel it to the front panel for better colors.
  • Force touch is a very important feature for screens, and at this point, We had designed our own 3D touch panel to enhance 3D Force Touch experience for our customers.
  • MP+ technology went ahead and only uses OEM Grade FPCs connector to achieve the manufacturers standard.


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